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2 14. Iridology is the study of the Iris that is a correspondent system to the rest of the body. The patterns of the iris (colored part of the eye) and sclera (white part of the eye) provide certain insights into one’s overall health picture. Psora, or psoric itch spots, are heavy, dark patches. mine corresponds to the stomach/digestive health issues I have because I have a huge fuzzy dark circle around the blue color ring around the pupil (intestines area on map). . The same thing happened to his older sister. The first use of the word „eye diagnosis,“ loosely translated as iridology began with Ignaz von Peczely, a 19th-century Hungarian physician. The most common cause of protruding eyes is an overactive thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism. A close grain, similar to that of hardwood, indicates a strong inherited vitality and good recuperative powers in the case of temporary illness. The intelligence gained from this expand-ed view allows us to recognize and step over obstacles, gaining access and support for needs we did not know we had. These are common, have a much h These are common, have a much h Cholesterol rings in the eye, also called corneal arcus, are deposits of fats in the clear part of your eye known as the cornea. History of Iridology Iridology: What Your Eyes Say About Your Body's Health Here is a chart that maps your eye with your body. 27 Dec 2018 Learn about how your eyes can reveal your overall health. Feb 17, 2018 · Yellow spots on white part of the eyes are usually harmless and they may not advance into more serious health condition. It sounds as if they are floaters, but be on the safe side and have your optometrist take a look at your eyes. Therefore iridology can be viewed as the starting point of preventative health care. Here are natural cataract treatments. I also have 3 very small spots on my upper right eye. In health, the iris is composed of densely structured fine, straight lines, radiating from the pupil to the outer rim. In these eyes, we can treat with two separate types of lasers in sequence, the first being a continuous wave laser (diode) to thin down the iris, followed by the neodymium:YAG to punch through. The reason for that is because an infant has almost no melanin in his or her eyes. They attempted to successfully diagnose from photographs of the eyes of 143 persons, some of whom had kidney impairments. Epithelium 12. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Iridology: The Eyes Tell All! Completely Improve Your Health With Iridology (Eye Health - Vision Therapy - Eyesight Improvement - Ocular) at Amazon. " It was in this book that Von Peczely built up the first accurate chart of the irid. you can be a blue eyed person and have brown looking eyes. May 07, 2017 · History of Iridology Owl ! 9. Iris Scope 19. Treatments for glassy eyes vary depending on the cause. Eye iridology, which is also known as iridology analysis, is an iris analysis used to know your overall health condition. overactive thyroid. The Iridologist examines spots, colors, and structure of tissue. Iridology is the science of analyzing the colour and fiber structure of the iris (colour part) of the eye which shows the genetic strengths and weaknesses of the person, as well as any changes occurring in the body at that time. See more ideas about Iridology, Iris, Eye color. I use iridology at the clinic to help put together the puzzle when solving your health issues. Feb 9, 2016 - Explore apelteret's board "Iris patterns / Iridology" on Pinterest. If every doctor’s surgery employed a trained Iridologist and diagnostician many exploratory operations would be avoided. Interactive HD chart is included to view organs and tissues. Long ago, brown eye color was considered to be the dominant one. Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health. However, if the yellow spot on your eyes is growing large than usual, it is advisable to seek the help of your doctor who might help you on how to remove this spot. Oct 29, 2015 · People have been asking me to share my story on how my eyes changed colour after eating raw vegan for nearly 6 years. June 10, 2013. A team at the University of Copenhagen have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today. My grandson is now five and granddaughter 16. How this iridology app works: all you have to do is take a picture of your eye, zoom in to the iris, and mark the dark pigmentation spots by drawing on the screen. Iridology is also popular in France and in Belgium and many organizations exist such as the National Iridology Research Foundation and the Iridology Foundation of the Philippines. Arcus senilis is common in older adults. PSORIC SPOTS Appearance Psoric spots appear as ‘spots’ or freckles on the iris. In Iridology, we simply assess one’s overall health based on the color, variations of color, any spots or pigmentation, the iris fibers, the pupil size and shape and any markings in the sclera (white of the eye). The eye has been used as a diagnostic indicator of human conditions for centuries. '. Recently my right hip is hurting and popping. The iris (the coloured part of the eye) displays a unique insight into our health potential and disease dispositions. Babies are born with what looks like slate coloured eyes which eventually go brown or blue. Iridology Iris rings. A chart of Iridology, the study of diagnosing weaknesses in your systematic health by finding patterns and colors in your iris. Find your dark/fuzzy spots. What are the benefits of iridology? The iris has pigmentation that determines the eye color. Iritis, inflammation of the iris, is the most common form of internal ocular inflammation. Iridology is not used to diagnose any disease. Symptoms: Small, dark spots or squiggly lines that move around in your vision. Ignatz Von Peczley , a Hungarian physician known as "The Father of Iridology" In 1881 he published a book "Discoveries in the Field of Natural Science and Medicine, a guide to the study and diagnosis from the eye. Medical Company Public Figure. Iridology іѕ аlѕо uѕеd аѕ а diagnostic tool, but іt gіvеѕ uѕ mоrе оf а Mar 06, 2010 · Brown spots in cat's eye. Iridology provides an insightful and therapeutic interpretation which usually includes physical and psychological aspects to your health. Iridology Introduction To Reading The Eyes. Beagle mixed with a bulldog is a sturdy breed. the link below is a chart. Charts Types of Iridology 1 13. Brenda will be using IIPA core curriculum to introduce you to some of the concepts of iridology. See more ideas about Iridology chart, Iridology, Reflexology. Your eyes are a gateway to your body! Irrespective of the fact that people have blue, brown, hazel, black or mixed eyes, each eye has a story to tell: and how beautifully! May 10, 2019 · My Online Vet Response for: Brown Spot on Dog's Sclera (Eye) by: Dr. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. A red spot on your eye could be harmless, but just to make sure, your doctor will rule out whether or not the spot signifies something more serious. Iridology Pronounced: eye-ri-dology Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that uses the colors, patterns, and various other properties of the iris to assess an individual's general health and organs in the body. a. This goes from a theory that the sources are way back in the 17’s century, stating that there is a deep connection between the eyes and the overall health, more precisely, the You can write a book review and share your experiences. Iridology, again, as a holistic method, does not endorse the modern medicine “ one pill for an ailment ” approach. He accidentally broke an owls leg he noticed that in the eye on the same side developed a black line, when he nursed it back to health, the line disappeared. Feb 07, 2009 · look into Iridology. No greater assessment Iridology Therapist Career Requirements. Iridology studies the eye’s iris’s markings to learn more about the body’s inner workings. Iridology Black Spots Blue Eye. Iridology is the science of analysing the colour and fiber structure of the iris (colour part) of the eye which shows genetic strengths and weaknesses of a person, as well as any changes occurring in their body at that time. The Latin name of the iris is iris, respectively, the science of it is called iridology. This is  Iridology, or iris diagnosis, is the study of the body's state of health through The colour is significant, as well as variations such as brown spots on blue eyes. This iridology chart was developed by a prominent naturopath more than 70 years ago. These spots occur in normal children but are far more frequent in Down's syndrome . Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that uses the colors, patterns, and various other properties of the iris to assess an individual’s general health. Iridology is the study of the colours, textures, markings and proportions of the iris of the eye. Jul 29, 2014 · Genetically, blue eyes are recessive and brown dominant. See more ideas about Iridology, Eye close up, Eye photography. iridology Pseudomedicine A system of pseudodiagnosis based on the belief that each body region and/or organ is represented by one of six regions on the iris; iridologists claim to diagnose imbalances in the body by studying the shape, colour(s) and qualities of the iris. The approach, which sits within the realm of naturopathy and involves an analysis of the eye's iris, is Sep 05, 2007 · The eyes are the soul of your body. An overactive thyroid can frequently be iridology spots, iridology spots in eyes. Iridology Training Course Please do not attempt to use these iridology pictures for self analysis - learn more about Iridology in Canada. It looks at your inherited tendency to particular health problems. also made observations in his own irises after dark spots appeared following his  Buy Iridology: The Eyes Tell All! Completely Improve Your Health With A lymphatic rosary is a series of white spots near the outer rim of the iris but there is no  29 Jul 2014 Genetically, blue eyes are recessive and brown dominant. They have a disposition to biliary or hepatic (liver) troubles. about my experiences with cats' eyes! therapies and know that in Iridology spots in certain areas mean certain things and that Iris Sep 07, 2009 · Iridology helps show you why this is so; iridology shows the inherent strengths and weaknesses in the body and what to do to have optimum health. The eyes may be a window to the soul, but the soul has to live in a physical body. For example, an under-active pancreas might indicate a diabetic condition. , left records of iris markings with the relevant anatomical reflexes painted on stone slabs. The iris offers insight into the conditions of the cells, tissues, organs, systems and glands, providing information such as genetic predispositions, tissue inflammation, toxicity and areas of tissue stress; used as a diagnostic tool used in conjunction with Jan 08, 2013 · Often referred to as “the window to the soul,” the eyes express joy, sadness, and fear. OW, THERE’S A FINGERPRINT IN MY EYE! The iris is a completely unique and individual body part, much like a fingerprint. They form a white or light gray arc or complete circle in front of the colored part of your eye. An entire science has evolved around this called Iridology What Is Iridology ? Iridology is the scientific analysis of the iris which is the colored part of the eye, study of an iris reveals health problems and constitution, this is done by examination of the color, markings and spots on the iris. I have intermittent right shoulder and knee pain. Mark Gordon shows us how we can use the clues the eyes show us to help us with detoxification. Jul 06, 2016 · If you notice any of these types of spots on your iris, you can use the Iridology Chart to identify which organ or part of your body that is full of toxins. Dec 27, 2018 · Iridology and Sclerology are both sciences dedicated to studying the eyes and the markings within them, in order to determine health weaknesses and strengths. The disorders are visible in different structures of the Iris such as pigments, spots, stripes, rings. Texture and color indicate the persons's general state of health. Iridology goes beyond the eye and allows us to see and address our blind spots, freeing up energy for more of the life we want and love. red spots or lines mean Apr 11, 2017 · An introduction to iridology Iridology is a great supplemental natural modality that can be used with dogs, cats, people, horses, and so on to help analyze various organs and systems in the body to see which are potentially weak and which potentially strong. Sale Consultant: Mr Mark +86135-1090-74-01 +86135-1090-74-01 live:lucygao1520 When an iridologist looks in your eyes, here are just a few of the things he or she can see: Fuscin Pigments are yellow brown pigments over the liver/gall bladder area and the pancreatic head and usually indicate dysfunction of the gall bladder. In iridology, it is believed that these weak and damaged organs and organ systems will also show up in the eyes. Iridology is actually very scientific and relies on the eye's connection with the rest of the body. Then 2 small spots on the lower left side. It has been said: “the eye is the window of the soul”, and iridology is a science that If there is a dark spot, we know that toxins have been deposited in that area,  What is iridology (pronounced eye-rid-ology)?. ) The iridologist featured in the TV broadcast, Rosemary Hill, also taught at a local holistic health center. The right and left irises reflect the right and left sides of the body, so both eyes need to be studied. He is also the host and producer of the popular weekly science podcast, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, and the author of the NeuroLogicaBlog, a daily blog that covers news and issues in neuroscience, but also general science There are 36 major fundamental iris signs and many minor ones that can be read by looking at the eyes. Bernard Jensen describes eyes as tiny TV screens displaying the most remote parts in our body by wave of nerve reflex reactions, in his book Iridology Simplified. An iris of defective  "SPRING EYES Sanguine Air: The Sanguine iris type is called hematogenic by brown, yellow or golden flecks or dots (in any season) are jewel types,  Iridology is the study of the IRIS, the colored part of the eye. 4. In conjunction with a client’s health history, using iridology can help health professionals to recommend lifestyle changes. The "fibre" structure of the iris, "pigmentation", "spots" or "rarefaction", The eyes emerge from the forebrain of the human embryo at 6 mm in size. Eye allergies can be treated by removing the allergen or taking Iridology and Sclerology are both sciences dedicated to studying the eyes and the markings within them, in order to determine health weaknesses and strengths. It is an assessment tool. the one corresponding to the eye with a dilated pupil (mydriatic pupil). It's been years since I've given any thought to iridology and the other day on a whim I wondered how my eyes were doing. They may look to you like black or gray specks, strings, or cobwebs that drift about when you move your  For those who do not know, this is not actually an eye test to determine the physical condition of the eyes. How Does an Iridology Eye Chart Work? An Iridology eye chart is set up into zones, or sections that correlate with certain areas of the body. Take care of your eyes starting now with the proper nutrition. Dots & spots 2. Aug 4, 2014 - Explore feelhard's board "IRIDOLOGY" on Pinterest. They were described in 1924 by Thomas Brushfield and are due to aggregation of a normal iris element (connective Lesson Three – Integrative Iridology Chart. Bernard Jensen says: So, if the eyes provide a look at one's health, what do spots on the iris indicate? Iridology Lesson #2 Sulfur & Candida: How to Spot & Detox It Out. Iridology involves reading the iris using an eye chart, looking for clues to the body's condition. Hypertension. (4) Elderly persons' eyes sometimes show a thin white ring surrounding the iris. More recently, in 1867, a Hungarian doctor and scientist named Ignatz von Peczely published research in his book ‘Discoveries in the Realms of Nature and the Art of Healing’. Mark Gordon shows us how to spot sulfur in the iris of the eye. Iridology is an area I specialise in. There is a very good chance that an otherwise healthy cat can recover from corneal sequestrum with no residual pain or significant loss of vision. In individuals  Iridology. Iridologists are trained to read patterns that come in the form of dark gaps, streaks, white spots, arcs and rings in the iris. Hi I saw this forum a couple of weeks ago, and have been reading it since. This dynamic process changes according to our vitality, emotions and attitudes. Iridologist use this technology to detect body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and transitions that take place in the body according to the way one lives. Her coloring is almost a 'tri' color, with the brown and white on her body, and black around her eyes. Iridology, the study of the iris of the eye, has been traced as far back as 400 BC and was practiced by Hippocrates and Philostratus and was taught at the Medical School of Salerno. May 8, 2020 - Scriptures (89 sec. The lectures often include a comparison of eyes that are deemed healthy and unhealthy. Their exact prevalence isn’t known, but it’s thought that they affect only about 4 to 6 percent of adults, more commonly in those with light-colored eyes and with May 27, 2012 - Explore janerekas's board "eyes and iridology", followed by 2105 people on Pinterest. These rings indicate an overly taxed nervous Jun 17, 2016 · Iridology or iris diagnosis is a tool that many naturopaths employ to help evaluate their client’s health. Structure of the iris The right and left irises reflect the right and left sides of the body, so both eyes need to be studied. May 05, 2017 · We all know that changes in our eyes such as redness or white spots can indicate health problems, but what about the actual colour of our eyes? According to some scientists and researchers, the colour of our eyes - be they green, blue, grey or brown - can make us more or less vulnerable to certain health problems. The colour is significant, as well as variations such as brown spots on blue eyes. cc . See more ideas about Iridology, Iris, Eyes. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. The Chaldeans of Babylonia, in 1000 B. I have 5 Jun 10, 2017 · Hello! It sounds like your eyes have really nice colour to it, I’m envious! These yellow/gold colour that you see, are actually specks of pigments in your eyes. Granulomatous iritis (shown) presents with Busacca nodules (brown arrows) on the iris surface and mutton-fat keratic precipitates (blue arrows) on the posterior corneal surface. They are irregular markings of pigment, usually scattered over the iris. You may have blurred vision and find it hard to see at night. Apr 01, 2016 · Here is an eye of a person with lots of health issues. k. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. Bernard Jenson's charting of Iridology zones. They are mostly inherited but may have developed. Iris atrophy refers to the degeneration of the iris, the colored part of the eye that surround the black center (or the pupil). ) says these mystery’s would be unfolded if you ate correctly the diet there One of those mystery’s is the iris readings to the body. This course  References to aspects of the eyes' relationship to human health have been traced to formerly I had blue eyes, now they are greenish with red spots in them . The Iris is the colored part of the eye. Eye Spots Meaning. You might instantly liken this description to a mystic reading someone's palm, but this would be incorrect. The iris is the most obvious feature of the external eye, with its color being a major factor in ethnic Jan 15, 2020 · For those who have followed my blog so far, you have probably read the article about Iridology. 5)Other info about iridology hazel eyes First of all, what you observed in your eyes as a child is exactly what happens in the case of hazel eyes. Diagnosis: Dilated eye exam. Dec 27, 2018 · Brushfield's spots: Speckled iris. Iris Structure 1. Yet it may provide a valuable guide to health and disease. In addition to the bug-eyed look, people with Grave's often experience weight loss Iridology is the study of the color portion of the eye to gain insight to the location of toxins, inflammation, weaknesses, and stresses located within the body. It has been distinguished that around 70% of iridology charts correspond with each other and around 25% have unique differences. Pigment spots - description and interpretation: If production of melanin in the body is decreased, and the function of the ANW is lowered, black spots can indicate severe illnesss. (3) Freckles can develop over time in the iris, as elsewhere on the body. Iris spots that can take various shapes and colors. the thyroid gland); in blood tests, such information often cancels itself out and the problem remains undetected. Eyes are the window to the soul. Oct 16, 2013 · Iridology relates various spots on the eye to about 50 parts of the body. 6. A torch and magnifying glass, or sometimes an iris camera, is used to take a close look what is iridology Iridology is a form of diagnosing disease through studying the eye. 1 / 8. We are unable to see much by observing with our naked eyes. The photographs of each of your eyes is then studied by Sarah who will … Continue reading Iridology Explained → The Meaning of Eye Spots. Carol Jean Tillman . The spots in your eyes are probably a health indicator. These signs are composed of arteries, blood streaks and spots on the eyes. Iridology is complete bullshit of course. More frequently, sclera spots are light brown impregnations that are interpreted as predispositions to liver disorders. To make these observations, trained professionals called iridologists use iris charts. Perioral Dermatitis. As the saying goes, the eyes don’t lie! … How this iridology app works: all you have to do is take a picture of your eye, zoom in to the iris, and mark the dark pigmentation spots by drawing on the screen. Jon Miles said, "The iris is like a chalkboard which does not get erased. Laser iridotomy is a surgical procedure that is performed on the eye to treat angle closure glaucoma, a condition of increased pressure in the front chamber (anterior chamber) that is caused by sudden (acute) or slowly progressive (chronic) blockage of the normal circulation of fluid within the eye. Iridology is a safe, non-intervention diagnostic technique, it requires no needles, and no anesthetic or drugs. Many do not and will not understand this part until they witness a healing a lesion, spokes-lines, rosary, etc. The goal of iridology is identify weaknesses in tissue early enough and rebuild it through nutritional and herbal therapy before chronic diseases have a chance to develop. This ‘window’ enables the practitioner to see whether areas or organs within the body are healthy, inflamed or ‘over active’. I am so totally fascinated. 2 (63. Personality Iridology. If anyone knows what happened please let me know by emailing leo@care. Within the iris a story unfolds: areas of strength and fragility, our lives and the footsteps of our ancestors are reflected in the iris. They are usually inherited chemicals passed on from parents. DETAIL OF PSORA. Hi Bill, Molly is a great looking dog. Below, we will define iridology and sclerology, provide an iridology history and outline the benefits that can come from studying your eyes. These include, but are not limited to layers, colors, rings and spots. Rings around the sclera or spots on various parts of the eye relate to imbalances with specific organs. LAYERS. Iridology Picture of a Strong Constitution Iridology Picture of a Weak Constitution Iridology Picture of Toxic Settlements Iridology Picture of Chemical (Drug) Spots Iridology Eye Charts Bloody eye,sclera has red spots-high blood pressure, clotting disorder Brown spots, a bump with blood vessels, often on the lower eyelid -tumor (abnormal growth which may be cancerous) Bug eyes,bulging eyes with swollen eye tissue -It's a common sign of Grave's disease, a. If eyes are the mirror of a person’ health, what do spots on the iris mean? Unfortunately, not a positive thing. What the Zones Say Iridologists believe the iris is divided into 40 zones, each corresponding to different body parts. Known as psora spots, those little red, brown or green dots are an indicator of toxins located in body tissues. Iridology uses your eyes as a window into your health past, present and future. (I never drink coffee and, at most, drink one can of beer per month. The fact is that these spots are Iridology Books from all over the world This is a comprehensive list of books prepared by Dr Waniek, unfortunately his interesting website has disappeared. Pigment Spots are dark brown spots appearing at random throughout the iris. Should I be concerned? Does it mean something is seriously wrong? A woman I know told me about iridology and made me kind of worried. The science of Iridology reveals nature's way of explaining our strengths and weaknesses. Just like every Alternative Medicine, Iridology can help as it is an interesting assessment technique. Iris and Diagnostic 1. Generally an enlarged or rapidly pulsing pupil (not in response to the light) indicates adrenal fatigue. C. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. What does your eye reveal? (Dots in the iris) Iridology is the study of the iris, or coloured part, of the eye and is used as a diagnostic tool by trained health  Iridology. These benign spots are due to an increase in the number of melanocytes, rather than just an increase in the amount of melanin within melanocytes, as occurs in iris freckles. A range of features will be looked at when examining the eyes. Other defects that iridologists seek to determine both hereditary and acquired health problems include dark spots, also known as liver spots, and lacunae, or empty pits or cavities within the iris. Nov 09, 2015 · This iridology chart was developed by a prominent naturopath more than 70 years ago. In addition to the bug-eyed look, people with Iridology is an analysis of health based on examination of the iris of the eye. Pigment spots - description and interpretation: Dark pigments can indicate tumour and cancer if the spot is represented by chaotically twisted threads. As the body heals itself the spots on the iris often fade and the overall look and clarity of the iris changes. But first things first. Dots & spots 3. In addition to the bug-eyed look, people with Grave's often experience weight loss You can write a book review and share your experiences. Each body organ and gland is located on either the left or right iris, organs on the left side of the body The large version of this educational chart is perfect for a medical office, waiting room, iridology study room, medical space for alternative modalities, etc. The spots may be single or multiple and are pigmented cells called Melanocytes that have overgrown. While iridology is not backed by mainstream medical associations, it can be a good tool to find where your body needs detoxing. Low back pain, stiffness, Ruptured disc L4-L5 and C6-C7. It states, “The eyes are the projector of the body. Eye diagnosis gives us the tools to see disease  5 Jul 2019 At a glance: Floaters. In this book you will discover how your eyes will alert you to areas that need attention. They have beautiful colors and markings in them that can tell you a lot about where you have been, where you are, and where you are going Jul 03, 2019 · New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. It's natural for some people to have brown spots within the eye area but quite often it can indicate an imbalance in a certain part of your body/system. Iridology is an alternative technique to examine your body by organs and body systems through an eye examination. Changes in your eyes can signal vision problems, diabetes, stress, even retinal detachment. Iridology • Definition- the study of the iris of the eye to determine tissue weakness and the body's predisposition to weakness. 3 15. 08%) 13 vote[s] Sclera is a white part of your eye and it acts as a protection to the cornea. What colour are your eyes? Have you noticed any little spots or markings and wondered about  12 Mar 2019 Eye floaters are spots in your vision. For example, the bottom-right section of the iris on your right eye is the “liver” section, so if you notice a psora or a drug deposit in this area you may have a build up of toxins in In this eye type, you have a discolorations or psora (drug spots) on top of a blue background. I have notice my blue eyes are getting darker, the ring about my pupil who uses to be light green now is darker green almost hazzel, and i am getting some Brown spots and Brown pigmentations. Nov 29, 2010 · Rx Iris, Male, Age:46 Physical Iridology Analysis - 1) Hematogenic Constitution/Brown Iris Constitution-Dark or medium brown iris with a densely melanin pigmented anterior border layer with little or no fibrous display or certain sectors reflecting light or dark shading, rarefaction with low density or tight with compact iris fiber structure which representing organs and tissues predisposition Everyone’s eyes are different and tell some unique things about you. All spots are black. By looking at the iris under slight magnification, the topography displays an unusual imagery of lines, dots, spots and configurations that are often unnoticed by the naked eye. Apr 24, 2010 · Iris Atrophy in Cats. But if you feel a bulging sensation in your eyes, it could be related to your thyroid. If you look closely around the rim of the Iris you will see blueish color, brown eyes ppl have no blue in them at all. If you ever see a dark shadow in your eye or flashes of light, as well as floaters or blurred vision, you could be having a retinal detachment and that requires immediate medical attention, within 24 to 48 hours. As clearly understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is all about energy and how it circulates in the body; if there are blockages, or stagnation, diseases occur. PSORA. It relates various spots on the eye to about 50 parts of the body. Iridology is an analysis of the iris, the coloured disk of the eyes. Every color, defect, fiber, and pattern in the iris is said to be associated with organ system malfunction or a disease manifestation. Problems show up on the iris as spots, flecks, white or dark streaks, and so on. What can the iris of the eye tell? It turns out that there is a whole science that allows you to diagnose diseases of other organs on it. Whilst this is true for some medical conditions (such as cases of Brushfield's spots being far more common in people who have Down Syndrome,), iridology stretches this far beyond medical science; it claims that the iris will change to The Iridology Chart below documents the right eye Iris zones related to tissues and organs in the body from Dr. Before I went raw, my eyes were a dark green hue with some brown specks and a freckle in one eye. • Information about the health of organs are sent via the optic nerves to the iris. What is the Iridologist looking for? You may question how well your eyes truly reflect your health. This is benign and there is no treatment safe enough to use for such a benign condition. I started worrying that this might have something to do with the pupil size. By analyzing the various spots, flecks, lines and discolorations in the iris of a person, dog, cat or horse through eye iridology, potential health problems and The itch or psora spots are never seen in the eyes of the new born, but only later in life when psoric eruptions and parasites have been suppressed by means of sulphur, zinc or mercurial ointments, by hot water, steam or hot air bathing, or by any other agent or combination of methods. Signs of stress and adrenal fatigue are in plain view in Iridology. This online Iridology course is very comprehensive with access to a huge database of images and materials in Iridology that is far superior to many others. First, &dquo;the iris reveals through changes of pigment and structure,   Iridology chart for the iris of the left eye defines the many iridology zone details charted Sclerology (the study of the markings in the 'whites' of the eyes to. Both eyes reveal the general state of the body with each iris interpreting a different set of organs. The innermost blue circle in both eyes, for example, is said to reflect the health of the stomach. com. Be healthy and be safe! Doctors call this condition exophthalmos, and it's a common sign of Grave's disease, a. compare where the spots are in your iris. Iridology considers that the eyes reflect any changes in our health. Brown Pigment in the iris indicates a  See more ideas about Iridology, Iridology chart, Alternative medicine. can be determined by examining spots Bachelor's Degree in Iridology Studies course. body openings, such as the eyes, ears, nose, vagina, penis, breast nipples and mouth, when the When this zone manifests small dark spots, the condition. During a visit you will you will have your eyes photographed by an advanced camera system designed to capture the details of the eye. Again these are spots of melanin pigmentation, invisible in the infrared illumination used for iris recognition, so they neither help nor hinder in the identification of the iris pattern. Nerve rings, also referred to as neurovascular cramp rings, are depressions in the iris stroma that indicate an individual has some degree of   They are called psora spots. What Your Eyes Say About Your Health. But did you know they can also tell you a lot about your health? WebMD takes a look at some common eye conditions and what they say about your health. Our Iridologist who studied under Dr. Cataract symptoms affect about 94 million people worldwide and are expected to affect 30 million Americans by 2020. Iridology is a holistic approach taking in the whole of you, physical, emotional, historical, mental . 5. There's a study called iridology that says spots in the iris can be linked to different health issues in the rest of the body. Applied to human health analysis for centuries, iridology is now being used as a tool to support equine health. 2 mg/dL (mean, 0. Older cats may develop a visible brown or black spot on the iris of their eye. The eyes are the window to the soul. They can be straw yellow, Iridology Association ( Singapore). In the practice of iridology, inflammation can be discovered through spots,  iris of the eye (Jensen, 1952). You get to see both of your eyes on a screen to see what strengths and weaknesses you have now and into the future or to find the cause of a current health problem. The founder of modern Iridology was Dr. We will tell you what is iridology zones dark spot, why iridology zones dark spot kidney ,iridology dark outer ring,iridology dark brown eyes. Iridology Online Course. Iris patterns and pigmentation reveal the history of our inherited health. Health Test will analyze the picture and list all the organs and tissues that are affected according to the iridology chart. Dec 04, 2018 · Puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyelids provide information on the kidneys and adrenals. Iridology is a Historical technique which involves taking a close-up picture of your eye. 8 mg/dL), and 48 had kidney disease severe enough to raise the plasma creatinine level Eye Iridology Criticism. Iridology can help you understand what 'optimum health' means for an individual person. Aug 20, 2004 · When he examined my eyes, O’Reilly saw “caffeine spots from too much coffee,” but said the spots could also be caused by too much alcohol. Iridology Chart Spots In Eyes Bowel Cleanse Black Spot Look In The Mirror Plant Based Diet Eye Color Something To Do Iris The Eye of a “chocaholic” Holistic Health Coach Health And Wellness Spiritual Wellness Improve Yourself Vibrant Apr 28, 2017 - Explore lamarcplair9's board "IRIDOLOGY CHART", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. Another sign easily seen in the eyes are nerve rings, which appear as white furrows around the middle to periphery of the iris. One of the earliest was Dr Ignatz von Peczely, a Hungarian Doctor. So the regular examination of your eyes is essential. Apr 25, 2020 · This is a 3-hour Introduction to Iridology class by Brenda Generali, CCII of Joyful Living Services. Any insight would be appreciated. Specific formations of pigment can indicate eye health problems that may require immediate treatment. g. Iridology Books from all over the world This is a comprehensive list of books prepared by Dr Waniek, unfortunately his interesting website has disappeared. <which part depends on the location of the spots> The only way to know for sure is to have a qualified iridologist check your eyes, and even then, it pays to double check the results with medical tests run by a Doctor. The topmost quadrants are said to represent the brain (cerebrum and cerebellum) and other parts of the head. These patterns, or telangiectases, form gradually and often in clusters. Iridology is the study of the iris as associated with disease. most likely you'll notice you've been having health issues in those areas of your body that you've noted on the chart. 6 Jan 2017 The anatomical sources on which iridology relies are three: the iris surface, the pupil and the sclera. Iridology offers a detailed examination of patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris for information about your systemic health. 25:04 -- Nick -- I've been detoxing about 12 months on Iris diagnosis is also known as iridology. This divides the iris into zones that represent. The threads or fibers radiate outward from the pupil. [1] Oct 14, 2016 · Sclerology tоgеthеr wіth Iridology, thе mоrе knоwn аnd uѕеd diagnostic tool аmоng practitioners, belongs tо eyology, thе group оf sciences thаt evaluate health bу analyzing dіffеrеnt markings аnd colors іn аnd аrоund thе eyes. The course covers the nature of iris observation, the intestinal areas, the iris map, the chronic and acute, the intestinal ring, stomach ring and nerve wreath, the constitution, respiratory system, lacunae, open lesions, inherent weaknesses, the organs of elimination, other organs, special signs, complete diagnosis of a subject. Brenard Iridology Picture of Chemical (Drug) Spots . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jul 30, 2002 · Eye-to-eye with iridology . • The iris has a reflexive connection to every organ in the body via the nervous system. Jensen (1982) asserted two main hypotheses of iridology. certain parts of the human body. Example 17. Anxiety First stage Disorder 6. Eventually, the arc may become a complete ring around the colored portion (iris) of your eye. When used correctly, you can identify patterns in the eye to identify general conditions in the body. Hypertension can lead to a host of problems if not caught early and an experienced iridologist can help to identify it. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Whites Of The Eyes Turn Yellow History of Iridology Ignatz Von Peczely was 11 years old in the early 1800, he lived in Egervar which is outside Budapest. Stroma 2. Usually, red veins in the eyes are accompanied with pain, itching, eye discharge, swollen eyes, burning sensation, blurred vision or visual disturbances and may other symptoms. Iridology therapists believe that the presence of a disease or a person's health status can be determined by examining spots It is common for practitioners to use the principles of iridology to gauge their health status in a multitude of areas. Now if the yellow or brown spots are in the iris, this indicates toxins in specific parts of the body (some call them drug spots). Looking Into the Eyes: Understanding Iridology – Printer friendly, text version Studying the iris, the coloured part of the eye, dates as far back as 1400 BC. This book will cover the history of iridology, the uses for reading the eyes, what certain markings and pigmentations found in the iris mean, and what iridology can not do. Colorations on top of the blue eye show a sign of toxicity in the body due to digestive problems. This can help the iridologist to alter their previous recommendations and suggest new ways for the client to improve their health. The large version of this educational chart is perfect for a medical office, waiting room, iridology study room, medical space for alternative modalities, etc. With the iridology analysis, you will find out your current health condition which is reflected in your irises. If someone is suffering from enlarged red veins in the eyes, it is normally not a good look and it may result into a low self -esteem. The bottom of the eyes reflect the genitals, intestines and kidneys, from the analysis can be defined colic, jaundice, kidney, gallbladder diseases and venereal. I am open minded about such things; neither believing or disbelieving in iridology. It doesn’t hurt and it is not invasive. This medical condition can affect cats of all ages and breeds, but appears to be more common in cats with blue irises. The presence of a ring around the iris can be indicative of high blood pressure evidenced by a slow metabolism. When we are clear and balanced we radiate warmth and love, but when we are tired and depleted or have a headache we find the energy we transmit is diminished. Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy . This is going from a concept that the sources are manner lower back inside the 17’s century, pointing out that there’s a deep connection among the eyes and the general fitness, extra precisely, the eyes are alarming us Jan 17, 2019 · Iridology – Your Eyes A re The Mirrors Of Your Health Iridology is a study of the iris of our eyes, and the techniques are used by alternative medicine practitioners. Sclerology and Iridology is an accurate, non-invasive assessment of your body. Identifying Inflammation Scleral melanocytosis, amelanotic conjunctival nevi and scleral thinning are three eye conditions associated with gray spots on the whites of eyes, explains EyeSmart. Dark Spots The Iris. Iridology Charts for the right and left eyes. html">Iridology IRIDOLOGY: “The Light of the Body is the Eye” Our eyes radiate what we are at every moment. About one in ten times in this kind of patient it can take two sessions to make a full hole of the right size. • flat oval shaped card is letterpress printed in navy ink on 110# cotton paper• die cut in our studio• accompanied by a 4bar mustard envelope and packaged in a clear sleeveThis doesn’t tell you how to diagnose anything, it’s just a cool chart of the left eye. Introduction 20:55 -- Kedra -- I have a great deal of acidosis, lots of aches and pains mostly on my right side. It has been used since 1984 both as treatment and prevention of the disease. Bernard Jensen iridology charts then Expanded Vision is the The large version of this educational chart is perfect for a medical office, waiting room, iridology study room, medical space for alternative modalities, etc. that will disappears after healings takes place in that mapped part of the body; (diet or other such events makes Iridology cannot detect a specific disease, but, can tell an individual if they have over or under activity in specific areas of the body. Iridology is the study of spot” – meaning you are likely to experience pain at the physical level. " Iridology does not diagnose diseases(iridology is a holistic science) rather it analyses tissues and other markings and discolorations that describe the condition of the body as a whole systemHowever, since MS is related to Central Nervous System, pupil of the Iris might reflect signs of weaknesses (but not necessarily in all MS cases According to iridologists, the iris of the eye represents a kind of map of human glands, organs and systems of the whole human body. This car would be fucked. Brown eyespots: Most spots on the whites of the eyes are due to pigmentary cells from embryonic development which produce such spots. Iridology is the examination and analysis of the iris of the eye (the coloured disc Spots and Discolourations may indicate toxic settlements; Mineral Rings high  15 Apr 2019 These nerves connect our eyes to the brain and continue down our spinal cord, connecting to every organ and gland in our body. There are also many things that your eye color reveals about you. After a battle with cancer, local, resident, Pam Howe knew there was something bigger in store for her. Iridology is a take a look at of the iris of our eyes, and the techniques are used by alternative medication practitioners. It's a sign of an acidic lymph system (acidosis) stemming from weak kidneys and adrenals glands. However, now scientists know that your eye color is a multi-gene trait, not a single-gene trait. This allows independent assessment and is invaluable in cases where one side may be overactive and the other under active (e. Often confused with hazel eyes, amber eyes tend to be a solid golden or copper color without flecks of blue or green typical of hazel eyes. This eye is tells us the body is full of Jul 04, 2016 · Dr. One of the most controversial questions in iridology is the vast amount (40 Plus) of Iridology charts. See more ideas about Iridology, Eyes, Eye color. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. During this exciting hands-on workshop, students will learn how to look at the iris of the eye, to identify which organs, glands, structures and anatomical systems of the body might be suffering the adverse effects of stress. Colored spots of various densities are often observed in the iris. Eye Anatomy 10. Brown Spots on Eye: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies 3. Iridology is especially valuable in assessing a person's systemic health. Points, spots, circles - everything has a certain value. Iridology is a form of pseudoscientific medical woo that claims that an examination of the eye, specifically the iris, can reveal the health of its owner. They are orange to brown or very dark brown and appear to sit on top of the iris (floating), masking the fibre structure below. The iris of the eye is a reflector of your health. Iridology—Your Eyes as the Mirrors of Your Health? Someone said that the iris is the living image of what the eye has been, what it is, and even what it can become. eyes When there are too many spots and lines, this means that the human body is sick. Apr 30, 2014 · Iridology is an analysing tool that examines your overall health, assisting to establish what is occurring inside your body. Regions in the iris correspond to different areas of the body. The iris, or colored part of the eye, can have brown spots that are dangerous and some that are not. Mar 09, 2015 · Mid-Autumn 2018: 12 Best spots in Singapore for deliciously out-of-the-box mooncakes. Iritis may be granulomatous or nongranulomatous. Every time you look in the mirror you look at your eyes. Sep 28, 2019 · Arcus senilis is a gray or white arc visible above and below the outer part of the cornea — the clear, domelike covering over the front of the eye. Acute changes Sub-acute changes The underlying platform of iridology is that that eyes act as a ‘window’ to a person’s health & well being. I made the terrible mistake of getting my lips inyected with silicone many years ago, after a few reconstructive suregeries still they cant take out all the silicone as is mixed with my flesh. The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul; iridologists use them as the avenue into the body. Another source claims: The underlying platform of iridology is that that eyes act as a ‘window’ to a person’s health & well being. 2. Jun 10, 2017 · Hello! It sounds like your eyes have really nice colour to it, I’m envious! These yellow/gold colour that you see, are actually specks of pigments in your eyes. Other Causes of Eye Bleeding While the red spot you see in your eye is probably harmless, there are a few conditions that your eye doctor will consider if you suddenly develop a red spot on your eye. Your eyes can definitely play tricks on you. I wonder if anyone can tell me why my grandson’s beautiful blue eyes are turning green?( still beautiful). Blue eyes have a low level of pigment present in The eyes may be a window to the soul, but the soul has to live in a physical body. Nov 16, 2009 · Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis[1]) is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents believe that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health. Irises are classified as being one of six colors: amber, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, or red. So, if the eyes provide a look at one’s health, what do spots on the iris indicate? Sorry – it’s bad news. Personality Iridology (or "Iris-2") is a method of iris interpretation toward understanding  1 Aug 2017 "In dermatology, the appearance of hyperpigmented spots—especially in chronic sun-damaged skin—is linked to a high lifetime accumulation of  20 Nov 2019 But did you know that your eyes can also reflect your physical heal. Sulfur can really  Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dol'-ogy) is the science of studying the iris or the colored These include, but are not limited to layers, colors, rings and spots. The basic foundational principles of iridology are as follows: – The iris is an extension of the brain and consists of many thousands of nerve endings. Emotionally this  An iridology eye chart divides the iris (the colored part of the eye surrounding the pupil) into different sections, and each of the sections is associated with various  27 Sep 2018 Around the pupil is a ring, which is present in every iris, there also may be dark spots or concentric lines known as 'nerve rings'. It is more rare in men and children. An Iridologist makes calculated judgments identifying patterns, spots, colors  Iridology eye pictures highlight conditions in the body based on the award winning contributions of Dr. G A P 16. Your Sydney Iridologist will examine the eyes, explain the different areas of the iris, the iris signs, and what these represent. (when tiny blood vessels in your eyes leak blood and other fluids). All the spots are in the color. Such a hole in the iris was the dark spot in the owl's eye, which led the boy Peckzely to the discovery of this wonderful science of. Feb 13, 2013 · When conducting the examination, the practitioner may consult a chart in order to ensure an accurate evaluation of your eyes, seeing which areas line up with potential problem spots on your eyes in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation. Iris 11. Iridology is the science and practice of analyzing the iris, which is the most complex tissue covered by white lines, and all that remained was a tiny black spot surrounded by the white lines. Hyperthyroidism. Iridology: Light blue or bluish sclera: chronic bone diseases, rheumatic disease, arthrosis, osteoporosis. The first two are benign conditions but still require monitoring by an eye health professional because they are associated with potential development of eye diseases. Apr 24, 2015 · Qualities of the iris such as color, structure, density and markings (rings, spots, rays and their location) are examined in iridology. Iridology is the practice of studying the iris of the eye – such as patterns and colors – to determine information about a patient’s health as a whole. In his book Iridology Simplified, Dr. Prominent whitish layer similar to mucus: stomach disorders. Iridology. Your iris is like your own individualised map of your body. Iridology can also help to determine areas of genetic weakness. One hundred forty-three patients had photographs taken of both eyes. Perioral dermatitis may come and go for months or years. While Iridology is a practice that is considered pseudoscience, and doesn’t come under the normal scientific health practices, it is still a practice that a a lot of people find effective. Telangiectasia is a condition in which widened venules (tiny blood vessels) cause threadlike red lines or patterns on the skin. In the case of dry eye, using eye drops may help solve the problem. A pinguecula (pin-GWEK-yoo-lah) is a yellowish, slightly raised thickening of the conjunctiva on the white part of the eye (), close to the edge of the cornea. There are only Two (2) True eye colors, Blue and Brown. The iris is divided into 12 segments and seven concentric circles centered on the pupil of the eye. Iridology What your eyes reveal about your health IMAGINE THIS: Someone you’ve never met looks in the coloured part of your eyes and gives you a detailed description of you, including your inherited strengths and weakness, your current health status in general, and the state of every organ in your body. A Novel Approach of Automatic Iridology Chart Drawing onto Eye Images reflection spots caused by the iridology camer a by setting a for comparison with photo images of a patient’s eyes. Jul 03, 2015 · 10 Conditions That Iridology Can Detect. If your eyes are bright and shiny and healthy, the whole body will be full of light and health” Matthew, chapter 6, verse 22. Nine-five patients were free of kidney disease, defined as a creatinine level of less than 1. Iridology Chart Spots In Eyes Bowel Cleanse Black Spot Look In The Mirror If you are looking for Dr. These come under two distinctions: psora and drug deposits. Founder and currently Executive Editor of Science-Based Medicine Steven Novella, MD is an academic clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine. Treatment:. I have vague memories of dark spots (bad things!) in the bottom section of my iris, and of course, my congested colon. – Each organ connects to the iris via the nervous system. The Iris consists of fibers THE JEWEL IS KNOWN AS THE ANALYTICAL TYPE: (Dots in the iris). The way in which the fibres of the iris are connected together also indicates the general genetic strength of the person. What many people don’t realize is that the eye – the iris, to be exact – can also mirror physical health, in both humans and animals. It's caused by fat (lipid) deposits deep in the edge of the Jan 10, 2020 · Iridology and Sclerology are both sciences dedicated to studying the eyes and the markings within them, in order to determine health weaknesses and strengths. Image Search Results for iridology Pretty Eyes, Beautiful Eyes, Spots In Eyes, Human. Again these are spots of melanin pigmentation, invisible in the infrared (4) Elderly persons' eyes sometimes show a thin white ring surrounding the iris. The idea is that your iris would normally be fairly clear of spots, patches etc and where any irregular feature exists in the iris, it corresponds to an area/organ of the body. Dec 18, 2017 · Eyes aren’t just the window to your soul –– they also offer a glimpse into your health. These indicate liver and pancreas malfunction. When I studied the two iris images further, I realized that both the brown spots and the white areas had moved closer towards the middle of the eye in the second picture. Little white spots that slightly elevated on the surface of the iris arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil. Jensen utilizes the iridology charts to identify possible weaknesses in tissues and organs of the body. On the basis of color, lines and blemishes in the iris of the eye, an iridologist can diagnose the patient's condition. Small yellow Blind spots may be accompanied by a headache. This practice involves the diagnosis of the disease by studying the iris … Iridology is a form of diagnosing disease through the eye. Bernard Jensen says: “Nature has provided us with a miniature television screen showing the most remote portions of the body by way of nerve reflex responses. Sep 03, 2018 · Your eyes’ color reflects your health September 3, 2018, 7:43 pm May 5, 2020 If you have never heard about a complementary discipline called “ iridology “, very briefly, it is the study of our eyes’ iris (the coloured part of the eye) as associated with diseases or potential developing illnesses. Iridology can help to find the cause of illnesses. This can lead to high cholesterol as They say that the eyes are a window to a person’s health; when there is a spark in the eyes, it indicates good health. The benefit of using this technology is to save cost, time and suffering on the part of the patient. Excessive iris pigment may cluster in one area of any color iris and cause a dark spot. Feb 10, 2016 · Mark Gordon shows us how to spot this in the iris of the eye. Pingueculae are non-cancerous bumps on the eyeball and typically occur on top of the middle part of the sclera — the part that's between your eyelids and therefore is exposed to the sun. This practice is more of an assessment tool rather than a diagnostic, but can prove Figure Out How to Improve Your Health with Iridology. “As the eyes are, so is the body”, said Hypocrate, the Greek physician (-460 – 356 BC), thereby making a correlation between the eyes and the organic functions. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, please have a look at it, but in the meantime I can tell you very briefly that iridology is a method used in alternative medicine to analyze the health status by studying the colors, marks and signs in the iris and the whole eye in general. Laser peripheral iridotomy is the standard first-line treatment in closed angle glaucoma and eyes at risk for this condition. A primary theory of Iridology is that the iris is constructed in layers that represent the four stages of tissue activity. Most often it is red and slightly scaly or bumpy. This is similar to an acupressure chart, which you might be more familiar with. An Iris melanoma is the most common type of tumor affecting cat’s eyes. Recovery of Dark Spots on the Eye in Cats Iris melanoma can be effectively managed through regular monitoring of the condition and local treatment of minor irritations as they occur. This changes very quickly though. The History of Iridology In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, writings and works on Iris markings and their meanings were recorded, mainly by medical practitioners. Iridology Study Manual: Level One is a basic introduction into the world of Iridology. Now, they’re a very light grey-blue with green hints and a brown ring surrounding my iris. Spots and Other Defects. Iridology is an alternative medical practice. The most common cause of the whites of the eyes taking on a brownish and sometimes blotchy color in African-Americans is melanin pigment in the surface tissue of the eye, known as the sclera and conjunctiva. Perioral Dermatitis, or periorificial dermatitis, is a facial rash that tends to occur around the mouth and/or nose and occasionally, the eyes. Doctors call this condition exophthalmos, and it's a common sign of Grave's disease, a. Iris Scope 18. 2 Jul 2016 In his book Iridology Simplified, Dr. The first recollections about iridology can be found in the book of the Old Testament. Disorders backbone 5. The Helenic Medical Association of Iridology gives several examples of how these defects correlate to certain diagnoses. For over a hundred years, various Iridologists have studied these patterns and markings, correlating them with specific Blue eyes with yellow ring around pupil Do you have blue eyes with the yellow ring around the pupil? I was reading an article on yahoo today about scientist predicting what people will look like in 20,000 years. Nervous weakness 4. Bulging Eyes. Apr 23, 2012 · I have 1 large spot in my left eye on the lower right part of it. Bodily ailments that appear in weak and strong areas can be readily identified. Analysis is made by closely examining the iris for unique spots, circles, color changes, and lucidity (clearness). Iridology Chart, Spots In Eyes Sep 24, 2013 · According to iridology, brown-eyed boys and girls are especially susceptible to ill-health. Dark area around the pupil indicating an under acid stomach An Iridologist makes calculated judgments identifying patterns, spots, colors and many other characteristics of the iris, all of them in fact. Any itching or burning is mild. The eyes can also be monitored for positive or negative changes. ” The Meaning of Eye Spots. Sclera with brown spots: liver overload. Iridology is the Study Of The Patterns And Markings In The Iris Of The Eye. iridology spots in eyes

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